Horse Drawn Hearse

It Started out as an old buckboard. The old rotted body was striped off and a new frame was built to support the new hearse body.

Body design is being made.

Trim is added and floor board is put on.

The Top was installed and a the back door was built.

The top trim and top half of the roof was added and a coat of flat black paint.

The side lanterns were added and the plate glass was installed.

The curtains were custom built by my wife’s grandmother.

Installing the curtains.

No hearse is complete without a casket.

The finished product.

Interior lighting. rgb LEDs.

The finished hearse was used in the local Wesson Founders Day Parade and was pulled by Quinn, a Percheron horse.

We are still adding the finishing touches.


Hi and welcome to Silent Oaks Cemetery. This is out 4th year in the yard haunting business. The wife and I are huge Disney Fans and out favorite things at Disney are the dark rides. We love everything about them, the lighting, the props, the animatronics, the smells and the whole atmosphere. So we decided to try our hand at creating our own props and give our take on Disneyish things. So browse around the site and leave comments if you like and please sign our Guest Book. We run our haunt every year all October from 7 till 10 and on Halloween 7 till 12. Weather premitting. Thanks For looking.